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How It Works

A Virtual Giving Circle is simple. We pool our small donations ($25/month) with the donations of other people who care who also care about the same cause. We become your donation team. You and other members suggest charities for us to consider, our donation committee researches those charities, and then you vote on which charity you think is going to make the biggest difference. The charity who gets the most votes receives our group donation.

For more information about how we work, review the Frequently Asked Questions.

With a donation team, you can know that you’re giving to the right charity, that your donation is going to be used in the right way and that it will make a big difference!

Build The Giving Muscle

If $25/month feels out of reach for you right now, let me introduce you to the Build the Giving Muscle program. Sometimes, it’s not easy to start at $25/month. So, we created the “Build the Giving Muscle” program. The first month, your credit or debit card is charged $1, then the next month, it’s $5. The next is $10, then $15, then $20, and then, finally it’s $25. So, in six months, you work up to $25/month. Most people find that their budget naturally works it way around donating $25/month when they work up to it slowly. In just six months you’ll find that supporting your favorite cause is so easy you won’t even have to think about where to find the money. The drawback to donating less than $25 is that you won’t get to nominate charities for us to consider or vote on which charity we donate to until you’ve reached the $25/month level.

Go here to join the Veterans Giving Circle through the Build The Giving Muscle Program.

What Will Your Donation Do?

Together, we support great veterans charities across the country. In the past, we've provided financial assistance to active duty members and veterans struggling to pay for bills, pet care, and children’s after-school activities. We’ve helped fund programs that reconnect veterans with other veterans, that help them find their next mission, that provide housing, or that deliver mental health care. You can find out more about the charities we’ve supported here.

Where we donate to next will be up to you. Our giving circle is member driven. You and other members nominate charities for us to consider. We research the charities thoroughly, and send you the completed reports. Then you and the other members vote on for the charity you think is making the biggest difference.

Together, we know that our small donations are making a really big difference for our veterans.

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10 Reasons To Donate Through A Giving Circle

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Worry Free Guarantee

No If's, And's, Or Buts. I Want You To Love Your Giving Circle!

What if?? Whatever your what if, there’s no need to worry about joining. There is NO joining fee, and if in the first 30 days, you decide you don’t like your giving circle for any reason, I’ll refund your donation. Easy Peasy!

After 30 days, I’ve probably already donated your donation to a great charity, so I won’t be able to refund your donation. But you can cancel at any time, and any future donations will be immediately cancelled.

You can read more FAQ’s or contact me if you have any questions before you join.

Are You Ready To Make Small Donations That Make A Big Impact?
This is where the expert marketers tell me to tell you that it's now or never. You know, it's the "Order now and get a second set of Ginsu knives!" strategy.  But you and I both know that you don't have to start donating today. You could go your whole life just hoping your donation are making a difference. You could go your whole life and never give money to great charities doing great work.  But is that what you really want?

Here's what I know...
Donating is an act of love.
Donating reminds you that even as bad as things are, there are others who have it worse than you.
Donating reminds you that you can do SOMETHING. You are not just a passive victim of circumstance. You have POWER to impact the world.
Donating reminds you that you are not alone and that you are connected to everyone and everything on this planet.
Donating reminds you that you have more than you think and helps you be grateful for how much I have.
Donating is good for your soul, and the right time to do something good for your soul is NOW!

I also know that while a donation starts with your heart, a GOOD donations happen when you use your head. And our giving circle helps you do that! Your donation committee researches charities nominated by you and our other members, and then sends you the report. Then you vote on which charity you think is going to make the biggest difference.

Don't donate alone! Become a part of our donation team and start making small donations that make a BIG difference!

If not now, when?
If not you, who?

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